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From Substance Abuse to a Life of Substance, Living in the Rear View Mirror by Kim Vazquex




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A Perspective on a Life on Finding a Life of Substance

“Living in the Rear View Mirror” is a story of conquering the power and poison of bitterness, anger, stress, loneliness, and addictions. It is a story offering hope and healing for those caught in a web of pain, suffering, emotional emptiness, anxiety, and mental illness. Kim Vazquez shares her story of vulnerability openly and candidly as she relates the results of childhood abuse, rejection, and insecurity.

Deserted by her father in her early childhood, Kim was left insecure. Her mother devastated. Kim suffered through her mother’s dysfunctional relationships, emotional stress, and financial woes. She found herself in bondage to her mother’s out of control years, feeling unlucky and misunderstood. She later felt cheated out of her childhood as she had become a mini adult while comforting her mother through her hard and difficult life. Kim’s was counted on to help with household chores, shopping needs, and finances.

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Kim chronicles her adolescence and teen years. She was verbally abused by her father, stalked by her grandfather, experienced low self-esteem, and desperately sought acceptance from her peers. She soon found herself addicted to alcohol, drugs, misdirected aspirations, work, constant activity the need for ever-present drama, and seeking the euphoria of love through dysfunctional relationships. She describes a love affair with marijuana, her anxiety attacks, and a cycle of oppression and depression.

The subtitle of the book offers hope to the reader, “From Substance Abuse to a Life of Substance.” Kim’s is a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage, which took a new turn when she chose to break out of the cycle of fear, paranoia, emotional pain, and spiritual bankruptcy, a decision to change her life. She chose to search for quality of life, community, and friendliness. She helps the reader recognize the reality of the presence of outside spiritual energies through the power of forgiveness as the beginning of the restoration process.

Kim attributes her own restoration to a metaphysical approach, of counseling, meditation, and angelic healing. While there are those who will feel strongly that there is another road to recovery, “Living in the Rear View Mirror” affords an opportunity for others to identify with Kim’s life as they realize their own need to pursue a spiritual solution to find release from their emotional pain in exchange for a hope in the seeds of possibility of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery and healing.

A complimentary copy of the book was provided by a representative of the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Mill City Press, Inc.

213 3rd Avenue North, Suite 209

Minneapolis, MN 55401

978-1934937846, $ 16.95, 2009, 273 Pages

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