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How to Remove Dr Guard – Get Rid of This Virus, It Won’t Guard You!




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Dr. Guard is yet another piece of scamware, in this case designed by the makers of the nasty Paladin Virus. Dr. Guard practically tries to spook the user into purchasing its fake software through the use of creepy images such as syringes and robot-eyeballs. The most offensive thing it does though is the fake spyware alerts that continually abuse and overwhelm the PC user. It creates fake warnings such as ”GayCodec.lookAlert” and it won’t stop the annoying pop-ups and slowdowns until you purchase the fake software. We have to get rid of this nuisance immediately before it puts your security and your sensitive files at risk.

Determining if you have Dr. Guard on your PC is pretty simple. The most obvious symptom is the fake scan that pops up at every restart, the slow system performance, and the loads of irritating pop-ups. Trying to figure out how you got this badware virus on your PC is less easy. In most cases it is installed through a Trojan automatically, via a video codec or flash codec install. Surfing on ‘questionable websites’ or using P2P downloading software can also be a strong possibility of infection.

How To Remove Dr. Guard

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We have to get this threat off of our PC immediately. Having a Trojan sitting on your computer makes identity theft a possibility, and makes more viruses a near certainty. So how do we remove it? The two most common ways are manual removal (only for IT and PC experts) and automatic removal (for everyone). Manual removal is done by investigatng the PC registry, finding infected DLL and LNK files in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder associated with the Dr. Guard name, deleting system files associated with the virus, and blocking related websites.

The automatic method is far easier and less risky.

Automatic removal is what I use, because I frankly don’t have enough hours in the day and can’t risk small errors that result in huge problems. Automatic removal also, most importantly, protects a user’s PC against future attacks, and protects the user while he or she surfs the internet. This is crucial.

Are you fed up with viruses threatening your safety and security? Protect yourself and remove Dr. Guard right away.

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